About Me

Massage Therapist

& Master Gestaltist


My Story

How I Got Started

I grew up in cities, not the country. As a child I loved horses, but that love grew from the pages of books and movie screens, not real interactions. I took my first riding lesson at the ripe age of 30. On Mother’s Day that year I received my first horse and that gift forever changed my life.

The horses taught me patience and compassion. They taught me about personal space and pain. They taught my young daughters about responsibility, teamwork, love and understanding.

When life threw my family a nasty curve, they were there for us in completely different and unexpected ways. That “nasty curve” spanned a six-year period and turned the life we knew upside down. The horses were the only shred of “normal” that existed in our lives.

The lessons they taught us and continue to teach us are immeasurable. While the horses don’t understand our complex human issues, they do feel our emotions and energy. As I watch and learn to listen to the horses, they give me feedback about my own emotional state and of each person they come in contact with. Throughout my journey with horses, I have attended numerous clinics, seminars, expos and workshops to become a better horse owner and horsewoman. On that journey I discovered the amazing gifts these noble creatures offer us each and every day if we open ourselves up to them.


What Qualifies Me To Work With You

In my early 30’s I suffered a severe neck injury. It was debilitating and painful. I had migraines daily. It took me nine months to heal but I did so without surgery or pharmiceutical drugs. Chiropractic care and massage therapy made me whole. I spent the first 19 years of my massage career working for Chiropractors. I have experience with a wide variety of diagnoses and physical limitations. My intention is to assist you in your healing process as you learn to listen to your body on a deeper level.

Raising three daughters has given me a unique perspective into Mother/ Daughter relationships. To maneuver through those often challenging and frustrating dynamics I searched for ways to reconnect with my girls as they entered their teen and young adult years. This journey introduced me to Moonrites and Young Women’s Rites. I pull from these experiences when working with teens and their complex relationships with life.

I am the proud daughter of a Vietnam Veteran. Despite the horrors of war he experienced, he was a loving, understanding husband and father. He taught me how to be an independent woman, unafraid to tackle any challenge.

As a wife married to a man who is my absolute opposite, I have learned how to build on our strengths and weaknesses. Marriage is hard sometimes. Authentic and clear communication is key.  Relationships can find balance and when nurtured are rewarding and fulfilling.

Throughout my life, I’ve witnessed bullying on many levels. I’ve experienced it first-hand both as a child and as an adult. I’ve supported others as they deal with their own bullies. I see how broken our system is in dealing with bullies and I am working towards changing that.

I believe that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves from within. We need a guiding light when the path seems too dark to follow. I am willing to be that light to guide you on that path. The work is yours to do.


“Mother/Daughter dynamics are always complex and I really appreciated Michelle’s calm and balanced coaching approach as she helped me work through some conflicts in my own relationship with my mother.”

Lorrin M.

"“Michelle helped me to find my clarity for myself. Her grounded, calm, compassionate personality made it safe to look at myself.” "

Noreen Y.

"Michelle is very professional and I would highly recommend her. She is positive and wants what is best for her clients even if that means going above and beyond."

Ashley M. 

About the EGCMethod®

What is Gestalt?

Gestalt is a German word meaning wholeness. It recognizes that wholeness is much more than a total of all its parts. For me, it has become a way of life and how I show up in the world. Gestalt Coaching is free flowing and experiential without judgement. It is co-active and not solution based. As a Gestaltist, I believe we all have the answers and enlightenment we need inside of us. As life “happens” we can lose sight of who we are, what our truth is, and get stuck in patterns. Our awareness gets clouded. As your Coach and Guide I will help you unravel those stuck areas and discover your authentic self. I will ask you questions, sometimes hard questions, guiding you to look at unfinished business and things that are outside of your awareness.


Why Horses?

Horses embody true Gestalt. It’s how they live. They are fully present, in the moment, free of the worries and what ifs we humans attach to almost everything in our lives. They speak the truth. They have an innate gift to see our truth and can guide us towards our authentic selves. This is not something we train them to do. It is their choice to partner with us or not. As prey animals they are highly tuned into shifts in energy.  During the winter months most sessions will not include the horses.

Preparing for your EGC Session with the horses

Your EGCMethod session with the horse will be outdoors. Be sure to dress appropriately to be outdoors and in the weather which can fluctuate greatly here in Wyoming. It can be very windy. Although you may choose not to go into the pen with the horse, almost everyone does — please wear close toed shoes. You will not be riding the horse. No horse experience is necessary.

Meet the Horses!



Pert is my rock star partner. He is everyone’s warrior.



Thor was a stallion for the first half of his life. He is clear with his own bubble and boundries.



Scarlett is a rescue who came to us very broken and aloof. She had led an unfulfilled life. We are discovering what role she will play in our partnership.



Rosabelle is a filly and not quite ready to join in on EGCM sessions yet. She is available for kisses, loves and scratches though. Fair warning she’s an oversized dog and will completely mug you!

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