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Healthy Fulfilled Life


You deserve to live a fulfilled life!

To be whole, authentic and fulfilled, the body, mind and spirit need to be attuned and in alignment. These three aspects of you function independently but they are innately linked together to create your whole unique self. This is why each pathway is so important. Each one circles back onto another and intersects at multiple points along the way.



I’m Michelle

My mission is to guide clients to a path of fulfillment where they live their highest potential.. My life experiences with healing therapies, horses and the Touched by a Horse certification program allows me to approach each client from a unique and whole perspective. As a Master Equine Gestaltist and Professional Massage Therapist, I offer unique pathways for clients to achieve the healthy, fulfilled life they deserve.


What I Offer

Earthly Pathway

This is where we work on the physical you. Our body is the shell and container for our mind and spirit. Incorporating therapeutic massage and evolved bodywork into your life leads you on a path to self-care and an enhanced awareness of what your body is telling you. Therapeutic massage addresses injuries, post-surgical trauma and everyday aches and pains. It assists the body in maintaining a healthy balance. Emotions and trauma get trapped in our bodies over time. These often manifest as mystery pain and chronic pain. Massage can help the body let go and release that pain.

  • Do you want to feel better with less physical pain and limitations?
  • Do you have scar tissue from past injuries or surgeries?
  • Have you tried traditional medicine and aren’t getting lasting real relief?

You can choose this path alone or in conjunction with the Awareness and Divine Pathways.

Awareness Pathway

This pathway takes you on a journey of exploration into how your mind works and characteristics you were born with. We explore your parts of self, your temperament and where those parts came from. You will gain mindfulness and awareness as you learn who you truly are. 

  • Where do you “operate” best?
  • Want to find out why you repeat certain patterns?
  • What part of you “drives the bus” straight into a mess?
  • Want to learn how to replace that driver?
  • Do you need clarity and support around boundaries?
  • Do you have a goal and don’t know where to start?
  • Want to develop your own unique way to keep you on task?

If you can say “Yes” to any of these queries, this is a great pathway to start on.

Divine Pathway

Follow this pathway for deep Gestalt work. This pathway takes you through a co-active discovery process to find what lies beneath the surface and is outside of your awareness. It allows you to finish the unfinished business that continues to affect your now and your future.

  • Can you imagine connecting the pieces of your past, your pain and who you are now into a whole, healthy and authentic being?
  • Are you ready to let go of that which no longer serves you?
  • Are limiting beliefs continuing to hold you back from the life you envision?

Looking at those dark shadows and the parts of ourselves we keep hidden is hard. Having a guiding light when the path seems too dark to follow makes it easier. Both with my amazing equine partners and without, I create a safe and sacred space to explore all of that and more.


You know how we often let others shape who we are and how we show up in the world?

I guide you on a path where you create and live your true self to it’s fullest potential.


The horses see our truth.

Do you hear the whispers of Equus? ~Melisa Pearce

The herd is waiting.

Easy as 1,2,3

How It Works

Take a moment and listen...

When was the last time you stopped everything and took a moment to really listen to yourself? What part of you spoke first? Your body? Your heart? Your mind? Were they easy to hear or was there silence?

What part of you speaks first?

I invite you to find a quiet place where you will not be bothered. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Take another. Listen to your breath going in and out. Feel your body expand with the breath. Where does it go? Your chest or your belly? What does the temperature feel like? Is there a part of you that you notice more? Ask it if it has a message for you.

“A beautiful, compassionate spirit. She walks between the worlds and has a magnificent heart. I would trust her implicitly with the voice of the soul.”

Vivian T.

“Michelle is confident and compassionate. She models true inner strength to assist her clients in letting go of self imposed and life imposed limitations.”

Chantel S.

“Michelle is a clear, caring, directive coach. She and her horses guide her/their clients through even the toughest issues in a safe and loving way.”

Melissa B.

“Mother/Daughter dynamics are always complex and I really appreciated Michelle’s calm and balanced coaching approach as she helped me work through some conflicts in my own relationship with my mother.”

Lorrin M.

“Michelle helped me to find my clarity for myself. Her grounded, calm, compassionate personality made it safe to look at myself.”

Noreen Y.

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