Friamfpccs (Free-am-fip-kiss)
Yes, this is a made-up word. It is made up of the letters that represent my top 10 values in life. In order, these are Fulfillment, Recognition, Integrity, Accomplishment, Making a Difference, Freedom, Power, Creativeness, Certainty and Security. The top 3 do not waiver or change position. The others may move around a bit based on a situation or where I am in life. These values are the driving and governing force behind how I show up in life, how I make decisions. They guide my destiny. Knowing what my values are has helped me align my personal and business life as they stand alone and when they merge together. Decision making feels cleaner and clearer. Boundaries are easier to set. The ripple effect is quite large.
Do you know yours? Are you ready to explore your values?