Life is like a theater. Let’s ponder that metaphor…

Sometimes theaters are eerily quiet without a soul inside. What would the walls, props and curtains say or are they silent? Maybe there’s just the janitor there sweeping and cleaning up after a show. Often, it’s chaotic with many different people rehearsing their lines, figuring out props, lighting and scene changes. The actors travel the stage left and right trying to remember their places. Now it’s curtains up – Light on! As the audience shuffles to their seats, there is joy on their faces. The final curtain call is made, and the actors are relieved and tired.

What part do you resonate with? Are you the theater itself? Are you the lead actress playing the part of a queen or are you the understudy? Are you in the audience watching the play? Or maybe you’re a behind the scenes person? How do you show up in the theater of life? I think I’ve played all of those parts and sometimes more than one at a time!

These are fun and intriguing questions, don’t you think? Let’s explore them some more.